In 1914 the Jack family settled in Brawley, California. The small town, roughly 100 miles east of San Diego, is where we planted our home, our roots, and our farm.

Our family’s dedication to produce and provide the freshest and highest quality vegetables to our community quickly spread and our reputation for excellence soon lead to relationships partnering with the most prominent names in the industry; namely Green Giant Fresh, Ocean Mist, Taylor Farms, D’arrigo Brothers and Gills Onions.

Now, more than 100 years later, Jack Family Farms continues to strive to build on these relationships while increasing our customer base to deliver the freshest and highest quality vegetables straight from our farms to your kitchen table.

Quality is always recognized and Jack Family Farms provides it year-round.

Our generational dedication to ensuring that Jack Family Farms remained a name consistently associated with family grown quality opened the doors for our farm to grow and expand. Over the years we have gained access to the most premium ground in the Imperial Valley granting us the ability to grow and maintain the highest quality vegetables, beginning in November and continuing into April.

Nutritious. Organic. Fresh. Jack Family Farms.

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