Russell Jack is the fourth generation in the family’s vegetable business and established Jack Family Farms in 2012 to distribute and market produce throughout California.  Jack Family Farms and Jack Bros, Inc. together have built approximately 130,000 sq ft. of green house space in Brawley to accompany their 6,000 acres of crops in the Imperial Valley.  The purpose of this expansion is to supply a variety of products in the off-season to give a wide array of fresh produce on a year-round basis.

Jack Bros. Inc. has had the privilege of doing business with the ‘who’s who’ of California agriculture since 1912, and has been instrumental in the betterment of the business as one of the founding and only remaining charter members of Western Growers Association, as well as each President of the company serving on local and statewide boards.

In 1988, Jack Bros. Inc. developed the most widely grown artichoke variety which is harvested four months of the year, November through March, and shortly thereafter Ocean Mist Farms (largest artichoke grower/shipper in U.S, and who also does all the marketing for this product) and Prime Time started a partnership growing this variety.

The winter months are busy as Jack Bros, Inc works with D’arrigo Bros, the largest broccoli shipper in the country, growing 100% of their broccoli crop, while also providing them with 20% of their land needs for their ‘Broccoli Rabe’ program.  Also during these months, our company is the largest grower for the Green Giant brand that includes mixed lettuce, 100% of their cauliflower and brussels sprouts, while also growing for Taylor Farms (‘River Ranch’) growing their lettuce and 100% of their cauliflower crop. Moving into the spring months, Jack Bros, Inc. grows 100% of the market onions for Gills Onions, the largest processor of fresh onions in the U.S.

The biggest and brightest stars in the vegetable industry have put tremendous confidence in our ability to produce not only an abundant crop, but also a high quality product. D’arrigo Bros and Jack Bros, Inc. have had a relationship since the early 1940′s, while the rest have been 25 years in the making.